Outreach Campaigns

Attractiveness of the Construction industry

This task aims to start up joint actions to promote the attractiveness of the sector as a first vocational choice, among youngsters and particularly for women.

Talent pool of good practices and projects

Most of the partners are carrying out initiatives to promote and improve the construction industry image and attractiveness. The partnership will enforce these project results through the Construction Blueprint by divulgating its results on the websites.

Erasmus+ Open Doors

VET providers will celebrate the first Joint European Open Doors Day in all participant countries, as the seed for a yearly edition. To do so, they will agree on a specific date to hold the event, which will be organized following a specific protocol and a targeted campaign. Companies and potential students will be invited to participate. Also, VET students who have participated in Erasmus+ mobility projects will be invited to share their experiences with would-be trainees.

Primary School campaign

In order to change the bad image of the construction industry from the scratch, each country will organize 4 visits to schools in order to explain to students the great importance of this economic activity in our lives. A specific protocol and media material (posters, stickers, gadgets, etc.) will be developed to carry out these visits.

Gender balance from the inside out

In order to start re-envisioning the role of women in the construction industry and its training, it is also necessary to involve main stakeholders, many of them already represented in this project. Therefore, during steering meetings in each country a gender expert will be invited to talk about good practices regarding the integration of women in the construction industry. These speeches will be recorded and uploaded on the SSA Portal.

Social media campaigns

Awareness raising activities and social media targeted campaigns will be created to promote the construction industry to youngsters and women. Among others, billboard campaigns and video clips would be produced and intensively promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, the social media profiles of partners will be used for that aim.