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The project "Bau-Berufe-Greening" was funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection, Construction and Reactor Safety (BMUB) and by the European Social Fund (ESF).
"Primary objectives of the project":
> Integration of ecological aspects into the specific training courses typical of the building industry
> Creating greater awareness of ecological and sustainable building
> Greater integration of the target group into economic and social structures

The project creates a classic win-win situation: for the target group, for the supporting institutions and the acting associations.


BFW NRW gGmbH, Dachverband Ökobau NRW


The project aims to interest young people - explicitly also migrant youth - in building professions and to draw attention to ecological aspects in building. This is done by means of a travelling exhibition that is being set up at various locations in Germany.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
In BAU-BERUFE-GREENING (BBG), the two aspects "shortage of skilled workers in construction" and "sustainability in construction" were linked. The aim was to interest young people in building professions and to illustrate ways of practising environmental protection in construction. The central point of the project was a travelling exhibition which, after a year of preparation, travelled through several federal states and presented young people with and without a migration background with professions that practise ecology in construction. The focus was to be on the contribution of the individual trades to sustainable, future-oriented construction. It was planned to show the exhibition for a longer period of time in 10 training centres of the German construction industry and at other exposed locations in several federal states. On at least 120 exhibition days, German and immigrant young people were to be presented with the possibilities of a professional future in the construction industry, with particular attention being paid to ecological aspects.
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
* Publication: "BBG - A project for the future"
* Further training events for trainers in the Vocational Training Centers in Germany on the subject of "Sustainability in Construction“
* Lectures, workshops, etc. at youth job fairs or ecological events, where the project staff and/or freelancers presented the project and promoted its contents
* Selective joint appearances with other BBNE projects with different orientations


Combination of the two project focuses "lack of skilled workers" and "sustainability" in construction
One of the main aims of our exhibitions was to show young people how sustainability can be implemented in building professions. To this end, we brought together many aspects of sustainable development in the building professions and made them tangible by addressing all the senses.

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Verband für Interkulturelle Arbeit - VIA e.V.
Address:Am Buchenbaum 21, 47051 Duisburg
Contact Person
Contact Name:Heinz Soremsky
Contact Phone:0049/203 -728 428 2
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