Collaboration with Cruz Roja Española -Spanish Red Cross- to train youngsters who afterwards may carry out internships in companies in construction industry

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Project promoted by the Spanish Red Cross to provide training and orientation to enable the youngsters’ access to labour market after doing internships at construction companies .

The Spanish Red Cross Centre -Centro Joven Cruz Roja Española- focuses the action in the following fields:
-the training/work-related intervention addressed to reduce the existing gaps at educational level which provoke difficulties for the insertion in the labour market of these young people,
- the advice and labour-market orientation to facilitate the knowledge, skills and strategies which enable the access to labour market.
The collaboration of the employer’s association consists in the provision of the necessary training in health and safety as well as in the identification of sectoral companies for youngsters may develop the internships after the training received.


Promoter: Spanish Red Cross


Provide the necessary skills for the development of a profession to young people without prior training who left the education system prematurely or to migrants who have not been able to enter the labour market.
Reduce the shortage of workforce that companies currently have to face.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
This action began in 2017 and since then 80 people have participated and 36 of them have carried out internships.
Currently there is a training action that began in September 2019 and will finish in May/June 2020.


Skills Gaps:
This initiative contributes to provide skills to people who lacks them in order to help these people to start/re-start a training path.
Skills Shortages:
This initiative also contributes somehow to reduce the skills-shortages that construction sector is facing.
Social-labour inclusion.

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Association of employers in construction sector in Salamanca. [Asociación de empresarios salmantinos de la construcción, obras públicas y auxiliares (AESCON)]
Address:Plaza San Román 7, 37001 Salamanca
Contact Person
Contact Name:Ms. Manuela Pérez
Contact Phone:+34 923261626
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