Digital and environmental skills for facilities management

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DEFMA project aimed to deliver a modular VET course and OERs on environmental technologies & sustainable building services to empower facility managers across the EU with modern digital and environmental knowledge, skills and competences. In particular, project objectives involved: 1) Enhancing the labour market relevance of VET for facility managers to address digital and environmental needs, 2) Introducing modern training delivery methods and innovative open access pedagogical resources, enabling learners to acquire and self-assess digital & environmental skills, and 3) Facilitating mutual recognition of the developed learning outcomes across the EU.




The aim of this project was to form a Strategic Partnership to modernise and enrich the current vocational educational and training of the facilities management workforce in Europe.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Impact on education: VET world and occupation validated learning outcomes for training provision in environmental technologies and sustainable building services for facility managers. Formal VET learning units and VET integration guidelines were introduced. Pedagogical resources and assessment tools for environmental technologies and services, were offered.
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
Impact on the labour market: The relevance and quality of VET provision for facilitiy managers to match their competences and skills with environmental and sustainability needs of the built environment and promote employability and mobility within the sector.
Impacts/Outcomes 3:
Long term impact of the project involved: the uptake of project materials and open educational resources from relevant VET providers across the EU, participation of a growing number of initial and continuous VET learners in courses based on project outputs, expansion of the strategic partnership towards a network of collaborating VET and sector stakeholders, further maturing & development of national and EU VET policies targeted to the occupation influenced by DEFMA recommendations, and cross border certification of skills acquired.


Skills Gaps:
A mix of digital & environmental skills
Mis-Matching of Skills:
The project equiped facility managers with the skills and capacities required to a) support carbon emission reduction measures, b) monitor resources consumption, c) use “smart” building controls and up-to-date environmental technology systems (e.g. building automation), and d) identify energy losses and water leaks, rectify small faults, and carry out simple maintenances.


Transfer in Europe:
Establish a framework towards an EU “green” qualification for facilities managers
Transfer in Europe:Establish a framework towards an EU “green” qualification for facilities managers

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Country:Northern Ireland
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