Inclusive Vocational Education and Training for Low Energy Construction (VET4LEC)

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This project was jointly undertaken by FIEC and the EFBWW in the framework of the EU sectoral Social Dialogue for the construction industry.
In order to conform to EU low energy policies and the Roadmap to low carbon construction and retrofit, the project addressed a number of issues: the need for occupational coordination, the need for energy/thermal literacy to address the performance gap, the need to address variable construction VET programmes, the (un)attractiveness of the construction sector, including for women and young people.
Final report and national reports available here.


FIEC and EFBWW as co-leaders


Help construction sector conforming to EU low energy policies and Roadmap to low carbon construction and retrofit


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Guidelines on 6 distinct approaches to integrate LEC principles into construction VET in Europe: common syllabus, common curriculum, specific modules, sector framework, occupational profiles, content guidance.
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
Series of national good practices‘ exemples

Impacts/Outcomes 3:
Series of 12 recommendations

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:FIEC and EFBWW
Address:City 225 avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels
Country:Belgium /
Contact Person
Contact Name:Domenico Campogrande
Contact Phone:+32 2 514 55 35
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