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This tool allows you to carry out a self-assessment for construction companies on four Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) themes adapted to the building trades, whatever the size of the company (craftsman, VSE-SME):

- Preservation of the environment

- Responsible employer

- Fair practices and business ethics

- Local anchoring and territorial dynamics.

They can produce a customisable CSR report and to sign the CSR charter.


Promoter: FFB


Integrate social and environmental issues into the activities and interactions with stakeholders of construction companies in a sustainable manner.

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Fédération Française du Bâtiment
Address:7 Rue La Perouse, 75016 Paris
Zip/City:7 Rue La Perouse, 75016 Paris
Contact Person
Contact Name:Stéphanie Coullon
Contact Phone:01 40 69 52 67
Contact Email:coullonS@national.ffbatiment.fr
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