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The main goals of the project was to define and identify existing and anticipated skill needs, to elaborate and define learning units, with the use of ECVET principles, that could be integrated in formal VET programmes or used as training courses. The intention is, on the one hand, to integrate the learning unit outcomes that were elaborated in the framework of the project into the existing sectoral curricula, corresponding the 4th EQF level, and, on the other hand, to include them (where possible, due to the differences in the various education systems and where required with specific adaptations) in the national occupation standards and regular VET programmes. These goals therefore constitute first attempts to elaborate and implement comparable curricula in different countries, with the aim to foster trainees’ and workers’ mobility.

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FIEC as partner [Coordinator: Chamber of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Slovenia (CCIS CCBMIS)]


Facing skills gap in the construction industry


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Production of supporting learning materials, video clips and photos
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
Application for iOS and Androïd: „SKILLgApp“
Impacts/Outcomes 3:
SKILLCO Youtube channel

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:FIEC
Address:225 avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels
Contact Person
Contact Name:Domenico Campogrande
Contact Phone:+32 2 514 55 35
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