France: CCCA-BTP opens doors dedicated to women at the VET Centre of Lille Métropole (Roubaix)

On March 27th, 2019, open doors dedicated specifically to women were organised at the VET Centre of Roubaix in the north of France in the framework of the Women Can Build project, to which was participating CCCA-BTP.

On this occasion, several construction apprentices and ex-apprentices shared their experiences as women who chose to work in the construction sector, aiming at facilitating the access of women to construction trades and vocational trainings.

These testimonies aimed at changing the vision of the attendees about the construction sector which suffers from a lot of stereotypes, such as the idea it is a sector only for men. Furthermore, a lot of construction companies are seeking to recruit skilled staff, as the construction sector is the one that is more lacking in labour force.

The idea was also to make men understand that women are an asset, as they have a different way of thinking and interacting: they are more complementary than they are opposed.