New Skills

Online Courses

A series of online short courses (Massive Open Online Courses-MOOCs) dealing with Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Digitalisation, which are freely available for all interested persons (students, workers, trainers, VET officers, etc.).
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Energy Efficiency

One of the main drivers of skills development in the sector. The European Commission agreed to decarbonise the European building stock by 2050, which will force 3-4 million workers to be trained in this area. In this sense, we are working to qualify and increase the number of craftsmen and on-site workers in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies in buildings.


Digitalisation skills are one of the major challenges that the Construction industry has to overcome in order to improve the human capital in the sector. The transition to BIM projects as well as the increase of home automation will bring new working scenarios that will demand a sound level of digitalisation of construction workers skills.

Circular Economy

The construction industry has a very important role in the transition to a Circular Economy. We aim to train the construction workforce to be skilled in tasks carried out in recycling plants of construction and demolition waste, in the design of buildings, in the features and behaviour of recycled and bio-based materials or in the demolition practices.