The Project


The main advantage and benefit of implementing the current project is that it brings together the Construction industry and the Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, in an attempt to establish a strategic approach for the coming years, in order to tackle the challenge of addressing the skills shortages of the sector’s workers and the purpose of matching the workers’ skills with the needs and demands of the labour market. This new Strategy will be clearly connected to the general Strategy for the growth of the European Construction industry and complementary to other initiatives and measures implemented for the sector.

PESTLE Analysis

Report about the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors, which may impact the Construction industry and may be affecting in turn skills shortages, gaps and mismatches.

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Status Quo report on Sectoral Skills

Report with the current “state of the art” of Construction industry sectoral skills, showing: discrepancy between current and future skills, in order to establish the training needs of workers in the sector in the short and medium term; estimation of the number of workers that should be trained as well as in which vocational profile; and measures, recommendations, actions, etc. for the Blueprint deployment.

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Roadmap and Action Plan

Roadmap report with the strategies, measures, activities, results and plan of action to be applied to adapt skills demand and current offer, which will conform the Sectoral Skills Strategy that will be also a fundamental part to deploy the Construction industry Blueprint.

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Interactive Map

Digital resource with the collection of good practices and/or innovative initiatives which are tackling with gaps and mismatched skills, as well as best practices to reap the benefits of EU funding to support different career paths, mobility projects, entrepreneurship opportunities, etc.

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New training curricula and online courses

New training curricula will be designed to update VET offer for the students and workers of the construction industry in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Digitalisation. Also, a series of online courses dealilng with these topics will be available for all those interested persons (students, workers, trainers, VET officers, etc.).

Available September 2021


Web-based tool to anticipate skills needs by using a Big Data methodology at national and regional level, by the combination of the information coming from primary sources (survey) and secondary ones. This tool will support partners in making decisions concerning training offer.

Available on June 2021

Report on the professions and qualifications to be subject of modernisation

Comparative analysis report including the relationships of skills and competences (specially related to Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Digitalisation) that have to be included in the sectoral upskilling process of the relevant occupational profiles.

Available on December 2021

National reports on the modernisation of Occupational Profiles

Final National Reports on the occupational profiles that should be updated at national level including the relevant sectoral occupational profiles accompanied by a grading of the necessity to be updated to support the skilling process.

Available on December 2021

Materials for the campaign

Web-based information and promotional material that cover the objective of increasing the attractiveness of the Construction industry.

Available on August 2022

The Quintuple Helix model and the Construction SSA

Report under the criteria of the Quintuple Helix Model that will help to create the Sector Skills Alliance (SSA) and deploy the Blueprint in a systematic way, guaranteeing the involvement and endorsement of key stakeholders as well as a longstanding Alliance.

Available on December 2022

Endorsement events reports

After each endorsement seminar held in each participant country, the host partner will write down a report with the results obtained.

Available on December 2021

SSA Portal

Website where all project outputs will be available, including the developed online tools such as the Interactive map and the Observatory, information about news and events, social media connection, etc. It will also host a Sector Skills Alliance (SSA) platform for collaborative work, to bring around the table relevant stakeholders who will help to define and implement the Blueprint.

Available. Visit the Construction Blueprint website!

Widespread dissemination

Dissemination activities and actions carried out by partners: digital newsletters, project information on partners’ corporative websites, articles on professional magazines, publications in congresses, targeted emailing, etc.

During the project’s life

Advertisement campaign

Several advertisement items to inform in a very vivid and graphic way the project activities and results: leaflets, posters, stickers, etc.

During the project’s life


During the project lifetime, several infodays will be organised, in order to inform the audience about the project and ongoing results as well as reinforcing the alliance between project partners and relevant stakeholders.

During the project’s life

Dissemination action report

Report about the presentation of the project made by partners in international networks.

Available on December 2022

Final dissemination day

A final event to close the project and inform all the stakeholders about the outcomes obtained after project execution. After that, a report will be produced including the presentations provided, a participant list, the outcomes of the workshop, pictures of the event, etc.

Available on December 2022