Greek debate on green jobs and their impact on Occupational Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Round table discussion in the framework of the European Health and Safety Blueprint project «Strategic Approach to Professional Skills in the Construction Industry», held on Thursday June 27th, 2019 in PEDMEDE Representation Room.

As a partner of the main Blueprint and as a representative of the currently Greek construction sector, PEDMEDE organized together with Fundación Laboral de la Construcción three discussion panels to address and to identify risks associated with the green economy with regard to Health and Safety at Work, within the objectives of H&S Blueprint project.

The main topics addressed during this debate were: Political-Economic Framework; Social-Environmental Framework; and Educational Framework.

During the panel, participants explained emergenc28e of Green jobs in the construction industry and their impact on Occupational Health and Safety. In addition, they emphasized the sectoral currently status, which was placed on identifying challenges, trends, and difficulties. All of theses issues were analyzed at a socio-economic, socio-environmental and educational level, while proposals for risk management were presented.

The conclussions were incorporated in the main results of H&S Blueprint project «Strategic Approach on professional skills in the construction industry».