Construction Blueprint launches a number of chapters summarising its phases


Construction Blueprint has published through its YouTube channel six short videos that show the different stages that will be developed by partnership to achieve the main objective.

Developing a “New Sectoral Strategic approach to cooperate on skills in the Construction industry” is the main objective of Construction Blueprint, which is broken down into six phases to address the currently needs of the sector and to obtain results that support the mission of the project.

In order to improve and simplify the explanation of the European project phases, we have developed a number of chapters that summarize the stages. It  this consists of six short videos available through our YouTube channel:

The several phases of the project will cover four years, during this time the consortium will work in diferent outputs and outcomes:

  1. Construction Status Quo and Sectoral Skills Strategy.
  2. Enabling transnational sector-wide new skills.
  3. WatchTower of skills needs in the Construction industry.
  4. Study on occupational profiles and qualifications.
  5. Outreach campaigns for the Construction industry.
  6. Sector Skills Alliance and deployment of the Blueprint.
YouTube dissemination

In October 2019, the Construction Blueprint YouTube channel was launched as a social network focused on reaching out to young people and general society. Three videos were published for its inauguration that gathered the opinions of the Brussels partners. The playlist has been fed by the testimonials of other representatives of the project.