Belgium: Wallonia-Brussels Federation organises the ‘Girls day, boy day’ initiative

The Girls day, Boys day aims to sensitize students and teachers to gender stereotypes in educational and professional career choices. This project, organized by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, is an opportunity for first and / or second degree students to reflect on their choice of orientation. It is also an opportunity to discuss, in class, with professional facilitators, inequalities between women and men and the influence of gender stereotypes on career choices.

‘Girls day, Boys day’ takes place in two stages :

  • First of all, in preparation for Girls day, Boys day, students accompanied by their teachers participate in a module to raise awareness of gender notions and the prejudices associated with certain professions. This module is given by Girls day and Boys day facilitators in class, in the presence of the teacher.
  • Then, throughout the year, the students, accompanied by their teachers, meet professionals in order to discover atypical jobs for girls and boys.


  • Public: Young people from 12 to 16 years old
  • Frequency: Annually (outside the COVID period)
  • Duration: Not applicable
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