Italy: Formedil aims to create a new generation of site technicians by promoting the inclusion of women and young people, through project Icaro

Icaro is an Erasmus+ project of 8 partners sharing the same vision: to train a new generation of site technicians. This European project has developed a new qualification of site technician, a multifunctional profile able to respond to the challenges of the construction industry. The qualification scheme was developed by 5 vocational training centres (Formedil, FLC, FLC Asturias, IIPLE, VSRC), a European professional association (ACE), a chamber of commerce (Panevezys CCIC) and a university (UNIBO).

Icaro played a crucial role in relation to the revitalisation of the construction sector, which needs a generational change, orienting young people, young women and the unemployed towards a qualified profession. The gender aspect was shared by the partnership and was taken into account both during the project and in the training course outlined; on-the-job learning also had its place.

During the project a survey was carried out to trace the main barriers for women and young people who would like to approach a career path in the construction sector. The survey was completed with 100 participants, all of whom were considered valid and included non-professionals from the sector.

From this analysis it is clear that, as argued by several survey participants, more role models are needed to make the sector more inclusive. For this reason, the Icaro team planned an awareness campaign (website, social media) with the intention of attracting more women and young people into the sector.  The team conducted a series of interviews with key figures in the construction sector (architects, trainers and students).

At the end of the project, the analysis of the survey and a promotional video were published, aiming to promote the inclusion of women and young people in the construction sector.