Germany: BFW-NRW support “Equality between women and men” at VET Centers of the Construction industry

As requirements have grown, job profiles have also changed. There are more than 20 different apprenticeships in the construction industry, including many exciting professions that are specifically suited to young women and open up a diverse range of career opportunities for young women just as they do for young men. To this end, we have developed image campaigns specifically to appeal to young women, such as “Bau sucht Frau” (“Construction seeks woman”).

Young women and men alike can choose from numerous apprenticeships and courses of study in the construction industry, such as carpentry, bricklaying, draftswomen, industrial clerking.

The construction industry is the second best-paid sector and training salaries are above average. Young women and men alike have a great chance of being taken on after completing their training. There are numerous opportunities for advancement and further training in an industry with a secure future. Contrary to many prejudices, modern machines and techniques have made work in the construction sector easier.