Slovenia: Who wants to be a Construction worker?

From 21 to 23 April, the 31st International Fair for Construction, Energy, Utilities and Crafts took place in Gornja Radgona, Slovenia. It attracted around 500 primary school students. The Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia was there to spark their interest in construction professions. They were all invited to take part in a quiz where they could test their knowledge and learn more about construction. It was a version of the famous ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ quiz, but the question we asked was: Who wants to be a construction worker? The quiz was led by the famous Slovenian rapper 6 Pack Čukur, who is a great role model for our youth. The students had a lot of fun and were motivated by the attractive prizes.

On March 10th,  2023 at this year’s edition of the Construction fair the quiz ‘’Who wants to be a Construction worker?’’ was held again, motivating the new generation of pupils to consider their vocational path in construction.