Spain: FLC launches ‘Construíndo en feminino’, a project to promote the incorporation of women to the sector

The FLC at Galicia, in collaboration with the Foundation of ‘La Caixa’, has launched the project ‘Construíndo en feminino’ (Building in feminine) project with the aim of promoting the incorporation of women into the construction industry.

The project is aimed at unemployed women who are at risk of social and labour exclusion, between 18 and 29 years old, who live in Santiago de Compostela or in the surrounding municipalities, and who are interested in working in the construction sector.

The participants interested in the project will be able to combine paid work in companies in the sector with training through a training contract for 12 months. The training will be given at the Santiago de Compostela Centre of the FLC at Galicia (Rúa Pontepedriña de Arriba, 13 -Romaño area-), including professional qualification in specialities as well as Occupational Risk Prevention.

In addition, participants will enter an itinerary of accompaniment and acquisition of skills to improve their personal, digital and social skills in the active search for employment, while discovering the construction sector.