EU: A French member of the EBC launches a web-series “Les experts CAPEB”

CAPEB, French member of the European Builders Confederation, recently launched a web-series entitled “Les experts CAPEB”, exploring the various challenges that construction companies and craftsmen face on a daily basis, with the aim of promoting a better understanding of the building trades and attracting new generations to the sector.

Each episode of this web series, which has eight episodes in total, highlights the know-how and expertise of craftsmen. Transformation of an old house into a passive house with very low energy consumption, renovation of the facade of a 19th century house made of tufa stone, restoration of the roof of an abandoned house, creation of the exterior woodwork of a manor house, installation of hybrid photovoltaic panels, etc.

With regard specifically to Youth, one episode was devoted to the transmission of know-how between the older and younger generations taking place on the construction sites, but also in laboratories were apprentices can progress at their own pace, to repeat their gestures in order to grow and progress. Exchanges that are essential to ensure the continuity of the craftsmen’s expertise.

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