Portugal brings the construction sector closer to young people

Framework of the Qualifica Centres

Vocational Training in Portugal is developed in Vocational Training Centres and Vocational Schools and these organisations have a Qualifica Centre at their core, which aims to welcome each Candidate and guide them towards qualifying paths. This orientation includes the analysis of the Candidate’s profile, the evaluation of the life path and the objectives and motivation of the qualification. At the end of the orientation phase, the candidate is directed to one of the various training modalities.

It is also the responsibility of the Technician to follow the qualifying path of each Trainee, with the organisation of the activities that promote their Final Certification.

  • Place of implementation: Vocational Training Centre
Framework / Recruitment and Orientation

The CENFIC Qualifica Centre welcomes and informs Candidates about the different training paths according to their profiles, age and schooling level.

The Training can be of double certification, school and professional or only professional.

The Courses are of level 2, conferring the 9th year, level 4, the 12th year and level 5, post-secondary training.

Training groups are formed and when the desirable conditions are met, the training course starts.

  • Place of implementation: CENFIC
Theoretical and Practical Training

The candidates have a training course tailored to the needs of the application area, through theoretical and practical training.

The training team creates a training plan, which, in accordance with the theoretical training, develops practical work, in laboratories and workshop spaces, for the development of technical skills relevant to the professional qualification of the Trainee.

At the end of each training period there is a period of On-the-job Training (work context practice), which aims at the acquisition and development of technical, relational and organisational skills relevant to the professional qualification to be acquired.

The importance of the internship is highlighted as it allows a better insertion of the student in the labour market.

  • Place of implementation: Vocational Training Centre and Companies
Dissemination of Formative Activity – Fairs and other dissemination events

Throughout the year various activities are carried out to disseminate the training offer. Among them we highlight Futuralia, which is an Education and Training Offer Fair, held every year before the end of the school year. This fair, consisting of vocational training education entities, attracts young people from all over the country and is aimed at students finishing basic level (9th year) or secondary level (12th year). Its objective is to motivate and encourage young people to find their professional path and to support them in their personal and professional future decisions.

Similar activities are also developed at a regional level, promoted by the Municipal Councils that invite the Educational and Vocational Training Entities to participate.

The disclosure is also made in Secondary Schools, which gather students to follow the display of Formative Offers.

It is also divulged in the Job Centres with sessions directed to unemployed people above 18 years old, giving information about the training to be provided.

The dissemination sessions are developed with the support of the delivery of leaflets divulging each qualification and training modality, demonstration of small activities related to a certain profession resorting to the use of equipment/materials used in the Training, which may be executed by the young pupil visitors when they pass by the stand. These demonstrations of “Know-how” are important to arouse interest in the profession and attract young people to the professions of the Sector.

  • Place of implementation: Lisbon International Fair; Municipality facilities; Schools; Vocational Training Centre
National Professions Championship (Skills Portugal)

The National Professions Championship is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 25 who are attending a qualifying course. It consists of a selection phase, followed by a regional competition and then a national competition. The champions of the national phase can apply for the international championships. This Championship has had a good impact on the general population by facilitating the visibility of the various professions, namely those in the Civil Construction sector.

  • Place of implementation: At the places where the tests are held.
Tektónica – International Construction Fair (Construction Sector Marketplace)

In Portugal a construction sector fair is held annually and for 4 days it brings together, in the same space, various stakeholders in the sector. The aim is to disseminate new business, new technologies, new materials, products and innovations. This fair attracts professionals from the sector but also the general population, namely young people and women.

  • Place of implementation: Lisbon International Fair