Lithuania: The competition ‘Pasta bridges’ attracts a lot of interest from students and schoolchildren

VILNIUS TECH university has been hosting the Lithuanian Championship “Pasta bridges” for more than ten years, this event is organized by the faculty of civil engineering. During it, testing of pasta bridges, made by the participants, are carried out. The aim is to find out which team’s bridge will withstand the greatest load.

From the beginning, only VILNIUS TECH students participated in this competition, later on teams from other universities joined, and now there are plenty of teams from schools all over Lithuania.

It is an interesting event that requires creativity and engineering knowledge, during which participants learn a lot about structures of various forms and their operation. Small structures built from pasta behave similarly to full-scale structures made from structural steel.

This event encourages interest in the construction of buildings and structures and contributes to school children decision to choose civil engineering or other related study programs after graduation.