Deolinda. Trainee woman

QUESTION: Good morning, Maria do Rosario, thank you very much for agreeing to participate in this interview.

ANSWER: What course are you attending?

QUESTION: I am attending the technical course and construction conductor

ANSWER: Daytime?

QUESTION: Yes, daytime.

ANSWER: Why did you choose this Construction Technician course?

QUESTION: I chose the site technician course because at the time my goal was to take the measurement and budget course, however I realized that this course is more complete than also taking a bit of budget measurements which is my fundamental objective and I will have more bases to be able to understand what a work is like. As it is also a dual certification course, it is also an asset for me. That is, stay with the secondary level

ANSWER: You also intends to complete secondary education?

QUESTION: Yes, because more and more it is not just for the experience and knowledge area but also for the training area that we are admitted in certain areas or not.

ANSWER: And somehow do you consider that you will have difficulty when you enter the job market?

QUESTION: No. Honestly, I don’t think so, because that’s how I think the civil construction area is an area that has evolved at all levels. Any other because I believe that in this environment they are not capable of accepting women, but for technical services or other areas, women are well accepted.

ANSWER: In your case, you don’t think you’ll have any problems?

QUESTION: No, I won’t have any problems.

ANSWER:Anyway, you already answered a little how the construction sector feels, more in the context of the integration of women in the sector and you already answered that the evolution is already?

QUESTION:Yes, in terms of labour and heavy materials, men will probably prefer more men, but in other technical areas of construction such as, for example, the area of ​​safety, whether in the area of ​​work management or in another area, I think that women are increasingly accepted and versatile in that sense. Not so much in terms of strength but intelligence.

ANSWER: Ah well! With regard to the evolution of new techniques, new construction procedures, do you consider that Portugal is at the same level as other European countries?

QUESTION: Yes, I think we are following developments even at the level of construction technicians, construction processes, we are always evolving in this area. That’s also why I applied for this course. It’s not exactly a watertight course in which we learn and go to the job market and that’s it! Here we are in constant evolution in this sense.

ANSWER: In the end, is it easy to use? You already have job offers?

QUESTION: Yes, I already have a reason for coming to take this course.

ANSWER:Thank you very much for your participation.