Finland brings the construction sector closer to young people

8th grade day 

8th grade students (15 years) old from the secondary school come and visit Sataedu’s different sectors like constructing, logistics etc. This happens annually to attract and provide information for the pupils to be able to think different options for their future.

  • Place of implementation: Sataedu VET center and Sataedu vocational school 
Study guidance

Support for your choices and encouragement for your studies.

Our guidance counsellors will help you find your own study path and support you throughout your studies.

Guidance counsellors: take into account the interests of the applicant and the student and guide them towards personalised education and career paths. Take into account the student’s needs for special support or support services. In cooperation with the group tutor and teachers, guide the student to develop his/her own strengths and study skills; and promote the well-being of the student and the whole working community

  • Place of implementation: Sataedu VET center and Sataedu vocational school 
Personalised education plan

A competence development plan to guide pupil through studies. At the start of their studies, each student is given an educational pathway and a personal competence development plan (PDP) HOKS tailored to their needs. This is called personalisation.

The HOKS is drawn up jointly by the student and the teacher responsible. A guidance counsellor, a special needs teacher or, in the case of an apprenticeship, a workplace representative may also be involved. The HOKS is recorded in Wilma, where it is available to the student and teachers, as well as to the guardians of students under 18 years of age.

Prior learning and acquisition of new skills at the heart of the HOKS.

The personal skills development plan identifies and recognises the student’s prior learning. This allows the student to focus on acquiring new skills and to receive the guidance and support they need to do so. The plan will be updated as necessary.

  • Place of implementation: Sataedu VET center and Sataedu vocational school 
Intermediate studies

Nopsa intermediate studies as part of the degree. During their vocational studies, students can study free of charge at the Open University of Applied Sciences in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK). There is a choice of short courses and Nopsa courses. The studies chosen and completed do not extend the period of time needed to complete a vocational qualification. Attraction to go further in studies.

Training contract

Part of the learning takes place in the workplace. For this purpose, a written training contract is concluded with each student. The parties to the agreement are the training provider and the workplace. The workplace appoints a responsible workplace supervisor for the student and Sataedu appoints a supervising teacher. Together with the student, they monitor the progress of the student’s learning and the achievement of the objectives.

VR-glass construction

There are a set of VR-glasses acquired and they have a wide range of different schooling sectors and gives perspective for different professions and you can test them with VR-glass application.


Short videos of education at construction sector at Sataedu: 

Single family house construction sites

There are many single family houses being built by Sataedu teachers and students. They start from the groundings and end up to finalyzing the building. They are being sold during the building or after. They are highly appreciated and there are open door days arranged regularly.

Occupation from Sataedu

From Sataedu to the profession. Guided and explained how to study with how many creditpoint with different choises. Shows that women are studying with Sataedu and there is some humour and professional behaviour.

This is our web tool to bring students for our construction sector: