Germany brings the construction sector closer to young people


Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e.V. (BZB)

Potenzialanalyse (“Potential analysis”)

As BZB, it is our goal to enable young people to comprehensively analyse their potential with the help of established potential analysis procedures at the beginning of their systematic career and study orientation. For this purpose, the pupils go through strength- and action-oriented test procedures through which, independent of gender-specific role expectations and/or a migration background, their practical, methodical, social and personal potentials are examined with regard to the world of life and work.

In this way, the competences of the individual pupils are objectively recorded and serve as a basis for planning and shaping further career and study orientation.

  • Place of implementation: VET centre (BZB)
Berufsfelderkundung (“Career exploration”)

The aim of the career exploration is to give young people first impulses and realistic ideas about different professions and to discover their own abilities and interests. The career exploration ties in with the potential analysis and also takes place in the 8th grade. Pupils have the opportunity to get to know and try out three different occupational fields in a practical way on three consecutive days.

  • Place of implementation: VET centre (BZB)
Praxiskurse (“Practical courses”)

Practical courses provide in-depth insights into individual occupational fields. The offer is aimed at pupils in grades 9 and 10 who need individual support in the process of vocational orientation. The practical courses can be taken for nine days at a time, in blocks or on three days.

  • Place of implementation: VET centre (BZB)
Challenge Bau (“Construction challenge”)

High school students take on the role of a builder. In four groups, the participants (usually aged 17-20) go through different stages on the way to a finished house over a total of 5 days. In the first phase, they receive a customer order for the construction of a sustainable-ecological micro house. Already in this stage, the students come into contact with a variety of digital tools: they research via laptop and tablet, plan digitally with software and use helpful apps. In the further course, they learn about the holistic process of realising a customer order, from determining the offer prices, to allocating resources, to contacting building authorities and specialist engineers. Then, from the third day onwards, they build a micro house in modular construction.

  • Place of implementation: VET centre (BZB)
Baujobcasting (“Construction job casting”)

The construction job casting is a practical project task in which the participants get to know the construction area from the foundation to the roof. The handling of numerous different tools and materials, as well as the reading of construction drawings is part of it.
Within the small groups, the participants will work together with their team colleagues to achieve the best possible result. In this way, social skills are promoted in addition to the acquisition of practical skills.

  • Place of implementation: VET centre (BZB)


Berufsförderungswerk der Bauindustrie NRW gGmbH (BFW-NRW)

BauCamp (last 2 years cancelled by Corona) approx. 50 participants.

Students (from 9th grade) and young adults who do not yet have an apprenticeship contract are invited. Each participant gets a trainee on the day of the BauCamp. This person will explain the profession and the activities to them, and they in turn can ask questions. Of course, they should also actively participate.

  • Place of implementation: VET Center (ABZ Kerpen)
GirlsDay (also cancelled 2 years due to Corona) approx. 20 participants

On this day, the participants are to get to know the apprenticeship professions in the construction industry.

To this end, they are divided into groups and are given an insight into at least 2 professions in the main construction trade. They will be guided and supervised by trainers from ABZ Kerpen and apprentices.

  • Place of implementation: VET Center (ABZ Kerpen)
Trade fair visits

We take part in about 20 trade fairs every year. Here we advertise and inform about the apprenticeship professions in the construction industry. We pass on the resulting applications to our training companies.

  • Place of implementation: Trade Fairs also at schools and at training centers like ABZ Kerpen
Lectures at educational institutions and schools

We hold about 20-30 lectures a year. The aim is to provide an insight into the construction professions.

Questions can be asked. At the same time, these events serve to build up and maintain a network in order to further promote training in the construction industry.

  • Place of implementation: At educational institutions and schools