Greece brings the construction sector closer to young people

Career Days

AKMI organises career days for all the professions it provides training for. High schools students have the chance to visit AKMI premises and learn about the curricula offered, the training material and facilities available, the teachers, as well as the opportunities they have after the completion of their studies. As AKMI offers a series of educational and training programmes in different fields, our career days are organised per sector, attracting on one hand those who are already or somewhat interested in the construction sector and providing them with specific information, avoiding to confuse them with a plethora of information for different schools etc.

  • Place of implementation: Training centre / Career Office
Career Office

AKMI has a career office, mostly to link its students and graduates with the job market. The office though is open to provide interested high-school students with the same information.

  • Place of implementation: Training centre / Career Office
Visits in Schools

AKMI is in collaboration with municipalities in Athens, allowing them to organize specific events presenting its VET programmes. Most of the times, presentation is combined with innovative tools and methods related to Erasmus + projects. This way high-school students have the chance not only to learn about their VET opportunities but to better understand the innovative ways they can develop their skills.

  • Place of implementation: School
Promoting Role Models

AKMI promotes the success of its Alumni, creating positive role models. Successful alumni of AKMI are hosted in its webpage, sharing their story and inspiring young students to follow their dreams.

Here you can find the story of an interior designer.

  • Place of implementation: Web-based