Italy brings the construction sector closer to young people


Formedil was present at the 31st edition of JOB&Orienta, the national guidance, school, training and job fair, which was attended by 45,000 visitors and is therefore confirmed as a reference event for operators, young people and families. It is in this context that Formedil’s participation is inserted, which has chosen to offer a showcase for its territorial bodies, which will be present at the Formedil booth with practical demonstrations, information materials and projects aimed at promoting training and job placement initiatives and an awareness campaign of placement of igiovani in the construction sector.

An information point of the FORMEDIL – National Construction Job Exchange has been set up with specific orientation initiatives and inclusion of interested students’ resumes on the dedicated portal


ANCE, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Formedi, with the support of Luiss Business School, has launched “Orientagiovani,” an experimental project for student orientation in schools.

The project includes orientation interventions carried out by Ance’s Young Entrepreneurs, with the support of technicians from territorial bilateral bodies, aimed at relevant school institutes, including visits/workshop activities in Building Schools and at company construction sites, in order to raise awareness among third-grade students about training and work opportunities concerning the construction sector.

The area-wide orientation interventions will be aimed at providing an overview of the training paths pertaining to construction, provided by the technical and vocational institutes and the Building Schools involved, with the aim of highlighting the employment opportunities in construction, in light of the relative needs of the sector.

Formedil-directed communication campaigns aimed at young people for school careers in IFTS

Due to the pandemic, the construction sector has suffered a major crisis. Formedil, in order to revitalize the sector, has financed with internal resources some ad hoc outreach projects for young middle school students. Several member institutions participated in this initiative, which in different ways organized open days for young people and their families, communication and senisiblization videos, and modernized their websites, making them more appealing and more accessible to young students and their parents.

The events were well attended by young people, especially the open days during which students, teachers, and families were able to reevaluate the construction industry and see that the industry has changed with the introduction of new technologies and equipment closer to the world of young people. Several trials were conducted by the young people with construction machine simulators.


Saie is the most important trade fair for the construction industry involving many users, and about 37,000 visitors attended the last event. Formedil participates in the event every year by setting up booths to raise awareness of the Construction School System and to attract new young people to the industry. To achieve these goals, it organizes seminars and conferences as well as the Ediltrophy. The ediltrophy is a masonry competition where pairs of senior and junior workers compete by making an artifact. The winners are named senior and junior masons of the year.

The event attracts the attention of many young people who, enthusiastically, entertain themselves to admire the work steps that especially the young workers perform. Another initiative that attracts the attention of young students is the area set up for augmented reality and drills with construction machine simulators.

During the event, several construction schools explain the activities that are carried out by the bilateral bodies and the possibility of accessing training paths after middle school.