BROAD Building a Green Social Dialogue

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To completely change the business model of the buildings, transforming itself into driver of a sustainable growth a strengthened social dialogue in the construction sector as the starting point for a strategy that places the reorganization of the production and the transition to a sustainable economy is needed.


Fillea-Cgil (leader), other partners: ACV-Belgium, Budowlani-Poland, CCOO-Spain; EFBWW – European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, FILCA CISL, Italy; FENEAL UIL, Italy (trade unions): FDV -Italy, Peco-Institut E.V.-Germany (Research institutes); ANCE (Employers’ association).


A proposal of guidelines supporting social dialogue in the transition towards green building, for development of the labor market and growth, in the name of quality and respect for the rights, health and professional skills of workers was developed.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
A clear assumption of responsibility based on the will and the position of the various parties involved in the social dialogue
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
The adequate, informed and continuous involvement of the social partners at all stages of the processes of governance (definition, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and implementation of strategies
Impacts/Outcomes 3:
The establishment of a tripartite institution for social dialogue activities in the field of sustainable construction that guides and coordinates actions on European policies from consultation and dialogue between the various stakeholders (bottom-up approach) and not only on the basis of the issuing of European Directives (topdown
Impacts/Outcomes 4:
The provision of the resources necessary for the implementation of social dialogue on sustainable construction (human, financial, technical, knowledge-related...).



Contact Information

Name of Organisation:European Federation of Building and Wood Workers
Address:Rue Royale 45, 1st floor,1000 Brussels
Zip/City:Rue Royale 45, 1st floor,1000 Brussels
Telephone:+32 22 27 10 40
Contact Person
Contact Name:Werner Buelen
Contact Phone:+32 22 27 10 45
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