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The Digital Construction Cluster brings together companies within the value chain of the construction sector around new applications and developments that increase the efficiency of the construction process: on the one hand to exchange information, on the other hand to jointly initiate reference documents or other tools for these developments.


The Digital Construction Cluster brings together digital precursors in the construction sector. The objective of such a network, is to encourage the digital transition of the construction sector, by boosting collaboration on the development of new reference documents. The exchange of information, knowledge and experience is at the heart of this approach. Such a collaboration allows to identify needs, opportunities, and to launch new actions to answer different challenges.

Exchange of Experiences:

The cluster brings together companies in the construction value chain to exchange information on new applications and developments that increase the efficiency of the construction process, and to promote the joint development of reference documents or other tools. The actions are focused on themes related to the digitalization of the construction sector. This includes not only the BIM theme, but also (in a broader way) the themes related to the industrialization of the construction sector and the new associated technologies (drones, AR, VR, IOT, databases,...).


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
The cluster builds and disseminates (within but also outside the cluster) knowledge on new developments related to process optimization, BIM (Open BIM) and other digital applications.
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
The Digital Construction Cluster is the Belgian sub-chapter of buildingSMART. This allows on the one hand to inform the members about international developments, and on the other hand to make a Belgian contribution to the international activities of buildingSMART.


Skills Gaps:

One of the cluster's working groups (WG training) aims to promote the understanding and adoption of BiM in companies of all sizes.

Mis-Matching of Skills:
Skills Shortages:

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI)
Address:Rue du Lombard 42
Zip/City:1000 Bruxelles
Telephone:+32 25026690
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