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In this project „GreenHouse-Workcamps“ were developed that teach how to plan and implement ecological building projects. A workcamp consist of at least eight theory and practise modules from different disciplines (structural engineering, finishing crafts, electric, solar) that can be combined. The results are finished buildings that can remain in use by schools or associations. The “GreenHouse-Workcamp” was realised twice a year at the localities of the three participating partners and was carried out for at least three days for each camp. At every workcamp 20 young adults under the age of 25, which were looking for occupational orientation, were able to participate. During the three year period 360 participants could explore the aspects of constructing sustainably and discover the work areas of the construction crafts. The participants were evaluated and in some cases recommended for a trainee or apprenticeship to construction companies.


Partner: Bau-ABC Rostrup (ABC)
Partner: Bauwirtschaft Baden-Württemberg e.V. (BFW)


In this project „GreenHouse-Workcamps“ were developed were young adults get an insight look in planning and implementing ecological building projects.


Skills Gaps:
Sustainable building
Professional orientation

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Bildungszentren des Baugewerbes e.V.
Address:Bökendonk 15-17, 47809 Krefeld
Contact Person
Contact Name:Thomas Murauer
Contact Phone:02151 515510
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