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Every year several new ITB EPDs support sustainable construction market. ITB EPD is a technical information that provides quantifiable environmental data for construction products with a specified technical function on the building level. Standard PN-EN 15804 defines the core rules for the creation of EPDs for construction products and materials. EPD enables to analyze the life cycle of products with regard to their environmental impacts and to display these analyses in a transparent and standardized way. ITB EPD has the highest quality proved by third party verification in accordance to ISO14025. EPD Program is voluntary and cover all construction products as it is defined in Annex IV of the European Construction Products Regulation (No 305/2011, CPR) and open to all interested construction product manufacturers. ITB cooperates with other EPD program operators via ECO-PLATFORM, to coordinate efforts to assist industry sectors while reducing verification effort in different countries. ITB shall accept the core EPD based on ECO requirements. Training courses. ITB is also the body for certification of personnel — conducts certification of personnel’s competence in construction sector by acting in accordance with the requirements of thePN-EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard.


Building Research Institut


ITB by this activity supports a formal process of EPD implementation on the Polish market and support construction industry in developing a strategy and accompany on the way to a verified and sustainable building products.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Support a formal process of EPD implementation on the Polish market. Basis for future training activities


Skills Gaps:
Lack of appropriate knowledge in the indicated areas in construction sector.
Mis-Matching of Skills:
Lack of trainings activity in the indicated areas
Skills Shortages:
Lack of specialists in the indicated areas in construction sector.


Transfer in Europe:
Training:yesTransfer in Europe:yes

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Name of Organisation:Building Research Institut _ITB
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Zip/City:1;00-611 Warsaw
Telephone:(+48 22) 825 04 71
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Contact Phone:(+4822) 566 43 52
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