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PLGBC Green Building Academy is a series of creative art workshops, ecological lessons and lectures focused on the area of sustainable construction, organized by PLGBC for children, youth and students. Environmental education from an early age translates into a change in everyday attitudes and habits of both children and adolescents, as well as their relatives. And this, in turn, leads to a reduction in the negative impact of people on the environment. As part of the Academy, PLGBC cooperates with educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, scientific circles and other institutions in Poland that deal with education.


Polish Green Building Council


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
It is a series of creative art classes focused around the area of sustainable construction, organized for preschoolers. Children build sustainable houses with recycled materials. Spatial works / models of houses are created, which show how the youngest perceive space

Impacts/Outcomes 2:
Primary and secondary schools
As part of the art workshops, students assume the role of designers, focusing on planning a part of the city / neighborhood based on the goals of sustainable development.
Ecological lessons are based on interaction with the group.
Based on a presentation illustrating a given area of sustainable development and construction, we try to work out the best solutions together by verifying the existing knowledge. Pupils will learn what a sustainable building and space is, how buildings affect us

Impacts/Outcomes 3:
Universities (not only technical)
Lectures on sustainable construction are dedicated to university students.
Individual areas of sustainable construction are discussed, such as: climate change, circular economy, biodiversity, health and quality of life.
Attention is paid to the most important directions of transformation of buildings, cities and their surroundings.
The way of planning, designing, erecting, using, modernizing, dismantling and processing them is emphasized - so that it is as sustainable as possible.


Disseminating knowledge about sustainable construction among future professionals and users of buildings

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Polish Green Building Council (PSBE)
Address:Konarskiego st. 18C
Zip/City:44-100 Gliwice
Telephone:+48 535 680 066
Contact Person
Contact Name:Monika Kmera
Contact Phone:+48 600 025 968
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