Project Immersion

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This project aims at improving practical training of young people but also at promoting the construction sections of qualifying education as well as worked-linked training.
Actions :
• Administrative facilitator service and contact point for schools and companies;
• Coordination and monitoring of internships in companies;
• Organization of information sessions;
• Study on best practices in construction education;


Institutional: Brussels Minister for Employment, Minister of education (French-speaker), Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Sectorial: Constructiv, Professional construction federations

Education and professional training: Actiris, Bruxelles-Formation, 5 Brussels secondary schools, 1 Cefa


• Improve the quality of practical training for young people and their transition rate to the construction sector
• Improve the image of the sector through awareness-raising and information actions on construction trades
• Promote the work-study system in the 3rd professional level of construction education


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Overall satisfaction of students and training companies: most of the parties involved are motivated and interested in renewing the experience. Flexibility of entrepreneurs compared to young people (understanding, flexibility).
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
Companies encourage young people to specialize with hiring opportunities at the end of work-study training.
Impacts/Outcomes 3:
Attitudes of young people in terms of skills (punctuality, thoroughness, etc.) very positive.


Image of the construction sector.

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Confédération-Construction Bruxelles-Capitale (CCB-C)
Address:Rue du Lombard 34/42, 1000 Bruxelles
Telephone:02 545 56 00
Contact Person
Contact Name:AL BARAJRAJI Sihame
Contact Phone:02 54 5 58 34
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