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The aim of this project is to develop coherent training path for young people while enabling the exchange of information regarding qualification, but also a smooth professional transition.


Institutional: Actiris, Bruxelles-Formation, Brussels Minister for Employment, Minister of education (French-speaker), Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Cocof, Sfpme
Sectorial : Constructiv, CDR-Construction, Professional construction federations
Part-time training course system : efp, Cefa


• Increase by 15% the number of work-study trainees in the trades of the sector
• Constantly improve the rate of integration into employment 12 months after vocational training
• 20% increase in the volume (= candidates) of continuous training per year in the sector
• Double the number of job seekers trained in all construction trades.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
• Guaranteed a quality Brussels workforce by facilitating the transition of young people to construction companies
• Offers 3,000 training places and 2,000 internship places for job seekers in Brussels

Impacts/Outcomes 2:
work-study development
Impacts/Outcomes 3:
Multiplies the bridges between vocational training, qualifying education and higher education (PromSoc)

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Confédération-Construction Bruxelles-Capitale (CCB-C)
Address:Rue du Lombard 34/42, 1000 Bruxelles
Contact Person
Contact Name:AL BARAJRAJI Sihame
Contact Phone:02 54 5 58 34
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