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RENO+ is the promise made to the owner/beneficiary to renovate his house easily, without risk, in depth and at a fair cost. By accelerating energy renovation, RENO+ helps to achieve the carbon neutrality objectives of Walloon buildings. The RENO+ initiative is centered on the customer (the owner/beneficiary) and approaches renovation in a broad way to meet their expectations.


Confédération Construction Wallonne CSTC Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction


Skills Gaps:
Massification consists in considering renovation not individually, building by building, roof by roof, but in grouping renovations in order to pool efforts and face a possible shortage of workers.

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Confédération Construction Wallonne
Address:20 Avenue des Arts
Zip/City:1000 Bruxelles
Contact Person
Contact Phone:02 545 56 68
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