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SIBIM allows a low-threshold entry into gaining basic knowledge in BIM. This project would help employers and employees tackle the challenges in BIM digital skills training by creating an accessible learning portal which enhances the knowledge and awareness of digital skills for existing and new entrants into the industry.




By creating an easily accessible web platform to reach output training materials project not only aims to support potential and new entrants to the industry but also provide existing workforce with the opportunity to improve their lifelong learning potential enabling them greater work mobility and improving career progression.


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Si!BIM course specification
Impacts/Outcomes 2:
UNIT1 Introduction to BIM
Impacts/Outcomes 3:
UNIT 2 BIM Modelling
Impacts/Outcomes 4:
UNIT 3 BIM Management
Impacts/Outcomes 5:
Pilot training workshop
Impacts/Outcomes 6:
Si!BIM Vocational Open Online Course (VOOC)

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:BZB Krefeld
Zip/City:47809 Krefeld
Contact Person
Contact Name:Frank Bertelmann-Angenendt
Contact Phone:+49 2151 515553
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