Wind Energy and Offshore Wind Energy

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Survey of Portugal's potential, taking into account the large extension of Portuguese maritime coast. The wind potential in the ocean, or at sea, is typically higher than on land, with greater wind intensity, less turbulence and more availability in continuous areas. Portugal is a pioneer in the demonstration of floating wind turbine technology for deep water, with a steel platform stabilized by a hydraulic system. Taking advantage of the fact that it is in the northern part of the Portuguese coast that thestrongest maritime winds are found, in 2011, 6 km off Aguçadoura, Póvoa de Varzim, was installed the world's first prototype of a floating wind turbine, called WindFloat Demo. The turbine and its base were manufactured in the shipyards in Setúbal and towed, thus significantly reducing the typical installation costs of turbines at sea. DGEG promotes the licensing of electricity production plants and has significantly contributed to the administrative simplification of the process, achieving that the granting of the final permission takes place, for most technologies, in a period of less than one year. DGEG participates in the SET Plan Implementation Working Group (GTI) which focuses on offshore wind energy (Figure 1). This group develops its activity in order to stimulate the implementation of the proposed objectives for the sector at European level.


Portugal's Potential in Wind Energy


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
Incentives from the Portuguese government, for the implementation of floating wind energy turbines in the ocean, taking advantage of the extension of the Portuguese coast and the advantage of marine winds, especially in the north of Portugal and in the areas of Peniche and Ericeira. These turbines were manufactured in Portugal, through the first prototype WindFloat Demo.

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