More than 750 people have completed Construction Blueprint courses

The partners have carried out a pilot training in eleven European countries to test the three courses developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ project, with the aim of updating the VET training offer in Europe

From the end of 2022 until January 2023, the Construction Blueprint project partners have launched three courses in eleven European countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain) to test and evaluate new training curricula designed to update VET offer for the students and workers of the construction industry in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Digitalisation.

The courses, which have exceeded 750 students in total, have been developed by experts from the construction sector, in English, and have been translated into the different languages of the partnership. At this point, it is important to point out that the Energy Efficiency course has been adapted to different professional profiles in order to respond to the qualification needs of the different trades in the sector.

The training contents of the three courses are structured as follows, the partners have been free to adapt the duration and to add certain country specificities:

  • Course on energy efficiency and nearly zero-energy buildings:
    1. Induction
    2. European & National Drive
    3. Energy and Buildings
    4. Building Fabric 1
    5. Building Fabric 2
    6. Heating-Cooling Services
    7. Ventilation
    8. Adapting to Climate
    9. Collaboration and Communications
    10. Renewables
    11. Energy Renovation
    12. Lighting and Small Power
    13. Smart Controls and Meters
    14. Measuring Performance
    15. Smart Cities
  • Course on circular economy in the construction industry:
    1. Induction
    2. European & National Drive
    3. Introduction to Circular Economy
    4. Circular Economy and Construction
    5. Waste and Resource Management
    6. Adaptable Materials and Systems
    7. Water Management
    8. LEAN and Modular Construction
    9. Life Cycle Assessment
    10. Life Cycle Costing
    11. Collaboration and Communications-
    12. Green Procurement
    13. Certification in Construction
    14. Using Building Circularity Tools
  • Course on digitisation in the construction industry:
    1. Introduction
    2. Introduction to Digital Tools
    3. Introduction to Digital Technologies
    4. Data Protection
    5. Introduction to BIM
    6. BIM Uses in Construction
    7. BIM and Collaboration
    8. Roles and Knowledge Transfer
    9. Introduction to Quality Checks
    10. Quality Checks on Site
    11. Automation and Artificial Intelligence
    12. Construction 2030
    13. Tools for Energy Efficiency
    14. Tools for Circular Economy
    15. Introduction to Digital Passports

In addition to this training, anyone interested in these three areas of the construction sector can access the online short courses on the Construction Blueprint’s Moodle platform (free of charge and accessible via a computer or mobile device with internet access).