Webinar on the outcomes from the Blueprint for Skills and its link to the Pact for Skills


Javier González, Training and Employment manager at Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, presented the Construction Blueprint at the “Webinar on the outcomes from the Blueprint for Skills and its link to the Pact for Skills”, organised by the High Level Construction Forum -an initiative of the European Commission (DG GROW).

The webinar, which took place the last 24th October and brought together over 100 participants of all Europe, featured presentations on two flagship initiatives, the Blueprint for Skills and the Pact for Skills, and their link to the pledges of the Transition Pathway for Construction.

Mr. Javier González presentation referred to the Construction Blueprint initiative by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción. Funded through the Erasmus+ project, the Blueprint involved 24 partners from 12 countries and addressed challenges like sustainability, energy efficiency, and digitalization in construction. The project created a Sectoral Skills Alliance, developed new curricula, and produced various tools and documents. The presentation highlighted the project’s impact, including international interest, and discussed plans for sustainability, potentially involving funding from the Erasmus programme. Participants in the event, explored at the Q&A session the project’s outreach and sustainability efforts, considering options for its future, including potential expansion to non-European countries.

The European social partners of the construction sector, FIEC, EFBWW and EBC, presented the Pact for Skills in Construction, providing essential background and outlining its commitments, signatories, challenges and perspectives. Signatories anticipated that the European Commission would further promote sectoral initiatives for the implementation of the actions of the Pact for Skills, including digitalisation, the greening of the economy and labour shortages in the sector, where training is a critical issue.