PUOI (Protection Combined with Integration Objective)

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PUOI was a project carried out by 6 construction schools and concerning the social and work inclusion of vulnerable groups of migrants.
It was financed by ANPAL Servizi, the Italian National Agency of support to the Ministry of Labor for actions relating to training and job placement.


Formedil as Promoter/Building schools as partners


Support the job and social placement of vulnerable groups of migrants through the provision of a series of support services for the enhancement and development of skills for socio-occupational integration and accompaniment towards autonomy (on the job training, internship)


Impacts/Outcomes 1:
• Greater foreign employment
• Foreigners more integrated into the social fabric
• Less undeclared work
• Less unemployment
• Greater synergy between institutions and organizations that in various capacities deal with socio-working integration

• All workers receveid an european format CV
• All workers receveid a skills report to measure their work preparation acquired in their country of origin
• Companies were able to know the workers before hiring them
• About 50 social and work integration paths have been activated


Mis-Matching of Skills:
no mis-matching of skills were detected because this target have a low level of initial skills
Skills Shortages:
initiative aimed to encourage the acquisition of skills of migrant workers
socio-working integration for migrants


Entrepreneurship Opportunities:
companies can get to know the people they hire first
The project is based precisely on social inclusion.
Outreach - partially transferable

Entrepreneurship Opportunities:companies can get to know the people they hire firstOther:The project is based precisely on social inclusion.
Outreach - partially transferable

Contact Information

Name of Organisation:Formedil
Role:Formedil as promoter/Building schools as partners
Address:Via guattani n. 24/Rome
Email:formedil@formedil.it formedil@blen.it
Contact Person
Contact Name:Marco Golato
Contact Phone:06 85261706; 06 852612
Contact Email:marco.golato@formedil.it
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