Launch of the Construction Blueprint e-learning platform


Construction Blueprint is committed to improving training in the construction sector through a Moodle platform offering courses in energy efficiency, circular economy and digitalisation.

During the last quarter of 2021, the project developed a Moodle platform, which has been progressively completed with a series of free and easily accessible online courses. These are self-training courses, focused on various subjects in the sector, such as energy efficiency, circular economy and digitalisation, which can be taken at any time and are aimed at all those who carry out their professional activity in the construction sector.

Currently, the Construction Blueprint platform includes 36 courses or training modules, mostly in English, although content can also be found in other languages (Spanish, German, French, Slovenian, Greek, Lithuanian and Slovenian). More courses are expected to be added to this free training space over the course of 2022.

Within these courses, the partnership offers the contents of the European Commission’s H&S Blueprint project on Health and Safety for new ‘green’ jobs.

Access the Construction Blueprint e-learning platform!