Join the Construction Blueprint Sector Skills Alliance!


Since the inception of Construction Blueprint in 2019, the consortium of this European project is building a strong Sectoral Skills Alliance (SSA) to ensure a robust implementation of the Construction Blueprint, generated skills framework in the European construction industry.

Currently, around 400 people and companies have joined the SSA, including 358 professionals who have joined the Construction Blueprint Sectoral Skills Alliance LinkedIn group. In addition, more than 50 professionals from various key institutions of the construction sector in Spain, as well as from sectoral stakeholders, are also participating in the activities of the Alliance.

The Sectoral Skills Alliance is shaped under the concept of the innovation model of the Quintuple Helix, which is based on the involvement and interaction of the main market actors (from the political, educational, economic, cultural/civil society and environmental fields), taking advantage of the opportunities to make the most of the synergies generated from this holistic approach.

This model will help to build the SSA and deploy the Construction Blueprint competence framework in a systematic way, ensuring the involvement and support of key stakeholders, as well as ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Alliance.

Based on this approach, the objectives of the SSA are mainly three:

  1. Adapting and applying the Quintuple Helix model to create the SSA and deploy the Construction Blueprint competency framework.
  2. Reaching the highest level of endorsement by stakeholders.
  3. Monitor the implementation of the Sectoral Skills Strategy and identify possible solutions for the long-term sustainability of the SSA.

Whether you are a company or a professional, and want to join the Construction Blueprint Sector Skills Alliance, don’t hesitate to join. You can do so through the following channels: