Find out which professional profiles in the construction sector need to be updated


The Construction Blueprint project starts its fourth and final year of implementation and presents several deliverables to establish a new strategy on sectoral competences in Europe in terms of energy efficiency, digitalisation and circular economy.

Earlier this month, the European Construction Blueprint project published a report on ‘The professions and qualifications to be subject of modernisation’ in the European construction industry. Through a comparative analysis, the consortium produced a first document identifying the occupational profiles that need to be upgraded through training. The most prominent are: electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, HVAC technicians, renovation specialists, site managers and supervisors.

In a second phase, the partners will identify which of these profiles or occupations should fit the current and future needs at national level, in terms of energy efficiency, digitalisation and circular economy. These professional profiles, identified in each country (Spain, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Finland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Poland), will have the possibility to participate in the pilot training experience, which will take place during 2022.

Together with this report, Construction Blueprint has published several outputs aimed at establishing a new strategy on sectoral skills in Europe, including: a series of online courses addressing key challenges in construction and a report on ‘Skills Needs Analysis’.