CATEGORY: Energy Efficiency

CONDAP: Eficiencia Energética Y Construcción Sostenible (espanol)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This learning unit “Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction” aims to introduce students to the field of energy efficiency in construction; to show its importance, the fundamentals and how the European directive covers this type of buildings. Globally, buildings consume more than a third of total end-use energy and cause nearly one-fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use in buildings is a climate change imperative, but it is also a business opportunity. According to the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Targets for 2030, energy efficiency must be increased by 35%, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 40%, and a renewable energy rate of 35% must be achieved. In this unit you will find some of the actions to make this possible. The learning unit is divided into seven lessons. Lessons 1 and 2 provide students with useful and necessary knowledge to advance the development of the construction sector, focusing on the concept of energy-efficient building and the applicable European directive. Lessons 3 and 4 focus on the basic principles of energy efficiency as it relates to the passive and active design of buildings. Specifically, lesson 5 introduces generation from renewable energy sources. In addition, students will work with PVGIS as a tool to use real data and apply it to case studies. Lesson 5 shows the importance and characteristics of energy certificates, as well as some examples of the most commonly used software to develop them. In addition, it provides some ideas on what management and monitoring systems are, as well as remote energy management.