EU mechanisms:

Erasmus+ is one of the most successful programmes of the European Union. 

Since 1987 over three million European students have spent part of their studies at another higher education institution or with an organization in Europe. 

Nowadays, Erasmus+ is one of the most well-known and easy to access mobility mechanism of EU, providing mobility and learning opportunities to all not only in the Erasmus+ Programme countries but also to Partner countries. 

Opportunities for individuals 

Pupils looking to work in the Construction Sector 

Erasmus+ aims at making learning mobility a realistic possibility for any pupil in school education. 

 Learning mobility for pupils can be organized both in a group and individually, for up to one month. 

Individually or along with others, you are able to study at a partner school or perform a traineeship at another relevant organization abroad. 

If you are interested in a future job in the Construction Sector, your school can apply for an Erasmus accreditation in the field of school education or to participate in a short-term mobility project, and found yourself / yourselves in another country improving your skills and knowledge that will allow you to become professional in the Construction Sector. 

If you need further information on the possibilities to take part in mobility as a pupil, please contact your National Agency. 

Students in the Construction Sector  

Studying abroad is a central part of Erasmus+ and has been shown to have a positive effect on later job prospects. 

A student studying or interested in the Constructor Sector can: 

  • Study abroad from 2 months to 12 months (up to 24 if they are studying architecture) in other High Educational Institutes in Europe or in other Countries. 
  • Be enrolled in a traineeship (Work placements, Internships), abroad at any workplace. 

Traineeship opportunities are offered either in person or in distance, and can be easily found here. 

 Additional funding is available for students with physical, mental or health-related conditions. 

Trainees in the Construction Sector 

Erasmus+ can help you gain valuable work experience by supporting traineeships (work placements, internships etc) abroad. 

Either you are a high education student or a VET learner, either you aim to become blue-collar or white-collar, there are plenty of mobility opportunities for you. You can apply for a trainership opportunity that can take place in person or virtually.  

Traineeships abroad can receive Erasmus+ support for up to 12 months. 

If you are a Higher education student or recent graduate you can find more here. 

If you are a Vocational education and training student, apprentice or recent graduate you can learn more here. 

A tip for you! 

Trainees can also combine an Erasmus+ traineeship with a study period abroad. 

Adult learners working or interested to work in the Construction Sector 

If you are an adult learner with specific educational needs, you can spend a period abroad at any organization providing adult education to improve your knowledge and skills for up to 1 month. 

The Constructor Sector is an ever-changing field with new knowledge, techniques, and technology being introduced to it every now and then. Regardless if you are a white-collar or a blue-collar construction worker you can benefit from a variety of learning options for supported by E+. 

  • in-class learning, 
  • work-based learning, 
  • peer learning 
  • job-shadowing, 
  • observation 
  • and other innovative approaches. 

You can either can find a programme run by an adult education organisation or contact one and share with them your need and idea for a training. 

If you need further information on the possibilities to take part in mobility as an adult learner, please get in touch with your National Agency. 

Young people interested to gain/develop skills to work in the Construction Sector 

Youth exchanges are open to people between the ages of 13 and 30. 

For a short period (between 5 to 21 days) you can meet, live together and work on shared projects for short periods. 

Use the mobility apps available found here, to locate projects related with the Construction Sector. 

A tip for you! 

You can develop skills related to the Construction Sector in phenomenally irrelevant projects. Visit our New Skills results and the revised Occupational Profiles and Qualifications of Construction Blueprint Skills Blueprint for the Construction Industry, to help you keep yourself “open-minded”

Staff (teaching) 

Opportunities are available to spend time teaching at an education institution abroad. These opportunities are available to both staff working in the education sector as well as individuals working out of it 

Experienced workers and professionals in Construction Sector are invited to share their knowledge and experience in specific educational projects in: 

Additional funding is available for staff with physical, mental or health-related conditions. 

Opportunities for Organisations 

El mecanismo Erasmus+ ofrece muchas oportunidades a las organizaciones y entidades legales. 

Entre otros, una empresa constructora u otra entidad activa en el Sector de la Construcción puede participar o hacer participar a su personal y miembros en actividades como: 

  •  Mejora estratégica de las competencias profesionales, 
  • Desarrollo de la capacidad organizativa, 
  • Creación de asociaciones transnacionales de cooperación con organizaciones de otros países para obtener resultados innovadores o intercambiar buenas prácticas. 

Las organizaciones pueden facilitar oportunidades de movilidad en la formación para estudiantes, personal educativo, becarios, aprendices, voluntarios, trabajadores en el ámbito de la juventud y jóvenes. 

Aquí encontrará más información sobre cómo participar en un proyecto E+: 

EURES was established in 1994. It is a European mechanism that supports and facilitates the free movement of workers among Europe. 

Overcoming language barriers, cultural differences, bureaucratic challenges, diverse employment laws and a lack of recognition of educational certificates, EURES cultivates a framework of working across Europe. 

For Job Seekers 

Either you are already working in the Construction Sector or you want to enter the sector, EURES provides you with a series of job seeking opportunities. 

Find a Job 

A person can find more job offers in more than 30 European Countries: 

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland 

By clicking here someone can find hundreds of thousands jobs per Country, per Sector, per Occupation. 

A smart searching tool is also available, in which someone can choose among multiple filters such as “Location”, “Work Schedule”, “Language of the job vacancy”, “Sector”, “Educational Level”, “Experience”, etc. 

Create your CV 

A  Job Seeker can either complete their CV online in the EURES platform. 

While it is yet another platform where you should upload your CV step by step, doing so allows you to publish your CV in the platform and become accessible to thousands of employers along Europe. 

Publishing your Resume requires to define the occupations and countries you want to work at, in order employers be able to reach you. 

EURES CV template has also some interesting features such as to add a video presentation of yourself (not mandatory). 

A kind Reminder! 

You can also check Europass. 

Europass is your free set of online tools and information to help you manage every step of your learning and development. 

Your Jobs 

The EURES Job Vacancies Matching Engine finds jobs for you on the basis of the current version of your EURES CV Online. 

The results hereunder are jobs returned by the engine and corresponding the most to your desired employment and to your skills.  

There is also a section where you can easily access your “Received Enquiries” from Employers! 

A tip for you! 

You may improve the results of this engine by completing your CV as much as possible. 

Hints And Tips 

There are plenty Hints and tips given for jobseekers. 


 You can also seek and get specific advices in your Language!  

Find a reach out a EURES Adviser here. 

The EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme for JobSeekers 

The EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme is for those who want to work abroad but they have second thoughts! 

 The Targeted Mobility Scheme offers dedicated support from national employment services for people seeking work, training or apprenticeships in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. 

On a fair basis, it tackles the needs of jobseekers to remove mobility obstacles. 

It helps employers in these countries who are looking for motivated and qualified workers. 

Available support includes funding to cover things like language courses, getting your qualifications recognized, and travel and subsistence expenses. 

Check more here. 

Advise for Living and working

EURES does not only provides you with useful information and tools to find a job abroad, it also provides important information related to:

Get Informed – Be prepared!

For Employers

The construction sector is on one hand a sector in shortage of suitable and experienced personnel, while on the other it nature often fosters the transferability of work force from other countries.

If you are recruiting for a company of the construction sector you better start expanding your search for employees and workers in other countries as well. EURES will help you on that!

Advertise a job

By registering your company in EURES, you can easily upload job advertises.
Thousands candidates will be able to find your job add, and express their interest.

Did you Know?
Your job position might be already on EURES Job Mobility Portal, as its database is informed by those of Public Employment Services of the countries participating in EURES.

Find candidates

Using EURES, you will be able to find and evaluate candidates. Many jobseekers in EURES have their CV’s published for employers to see them.

You can also be benefited from the EURES Job Vacancies Matching Engine and find out which jobseekers match your job positions!

Hints And Tips

There are plenty Hints and tips given for employers.

Check here what you can do before (the research steps), during (the recruitment process in another EEA country) and after (the retention process) recruiting abroad.

The EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme for Employers

The EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme is for those who want to recruit people with a specific profile, but struggling to find them in their own country or/and look after to build a multicultural team that can give their business the edge!

The Targeted Mobility Scheme offers your business dedicated support from local employment services to recruit motivated and qualified jobseekers from other European countries for work, traineeship or apprenticeship.

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you can also apply for financial support to cover some of the training and integration costs for these new staff.

Check more here.

Drop’pin is an online portal that aims to help young people get a foot on the employment ladder.

It’s designed to bring those looking to better their knowledge, skills and abilities closer to organisations offering opportunities to improve them, including corporates, SMEs and NGOs. Looking for an apprenticeship, traineeship, mentoring or e-learning courses? Drop’pin has a wide range of opportunities spanning a number of sectors across Europe. Whether you’re a young person looking for your first big break or an organisation looking for your stars of the future, Drop’pin and go far.

Drop’pin is strongly linked with Programes such as Erasmus + and EURES.

Find out more about it by downloading the guide here.