CATEGORY: Digitalisation

CONDAP: Habilidades De Organización, Gestión Y Comunicación (espanol)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This unit focuses on important aspects of management and communication skills at the organizational level. Each type of business depends largely on how it is structured in terms of organizational culture and strategic drivers. What unites it is communication. That is why communication skills are essential for every operation and level of management. This unit addresses the basic principles of what communication is, its types and levels, the skills and technologies involved in the context of training.

Crucial is the way information flows in an organization, across departments, between management partners, instructors, and trainees. It is a complex process that takes a long time to build, maintain and continuously improve. Effective communication can make collaboration productive and mutually beneficial, especially in the case of mentors. The scope of mentoring responsibilities can vary considerably depending on the type and size of the company.

In a broader scope, instruction is much more diverse than individual, face-to-face interaction between mentor and mentee. The days of traditional “I teach you how” tutoring are long gone. Today it is a continuous journey of support, reviews, monitoring and progression that involves a fine balance between mentor supervision and mentee autonomy. The use and implementation of cutting-edge technologies offers the support apprentices need with maximum efficiency.

This instructor training unit aims to equip mentors with organizational, management and technological skills so that today’s learners become professional experts and leaders of tomorrow. The unit consists of four lessons with theoretical content and practical exercises at the end of each lesson to strengthen knowledge and skills.