Belgium addresses the challenges of the construction sector at national level


The Construction Confederation (Confédération Construction -CC-) and the IFAPME Centre Liège-Huy-Verviers organised at the end of 2020 the support event for the Construction Blueprint project.

The Belgian partners held the national support event for the Construction Blueprint project on 8th December, which was attended by more than twenty people from various fields of the construction sector, social partners and other experts. The meeting was organised online by the Construction Confederation (Confédération Construction -CC-) and the IFAPME Centre Liège-Huy-Verviers in order to meet the social distancing requirements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the first part of the event, the partners presented the project, focusing on the results developed by the consortium so far and advancing the next steps of the initiative. Among them, the conclusions drawn from the PESTLE Analysis were presented, highlighting the national construction situation in Belgium.

During the meeting, the participants were asked to evaluate the importance of the main factors affecting the construction sector in the country, and to discuss the results among all participants.

In addition, some of the actions included in the Roadmap and Action Plan developed by the consortium, taking into account the particularities of the sector at national level, were presented, evaluated and discussed by the participants, who also suggested actions to address sectoral competence needs.

In general, participants agreed that the success of the Recovery Plan, the Renewal Wave and the Circular Economy Action Plan will depend on the availability of skilled labour and the attractiveness of the construction sector. It is therefore essential that the different strategic lines to be developed from the project are approached jointly and not separately, taking into account the different specificities at national level and the involvement of all stakeholders.