Portugal presents the results of the Construction Blueprint project to sector experts


On October 26, 2022, CENFIC organized, at its facilities in Lisbon, a face-to-face dissemination seminar, within the scope of the European Construction Blueprint project, which consecrated the three key areas of the project “Circular Economy, Energy Efficiency and Digitization”.

This dissemination event brought together various stakeholders from the Civil Construction sector in Portugal and Professional Training and was also open to the Organization’s employees who had the opportunity to participate in this important event.

In this seminar, the excellent intervention of the Specialist Speakers from the Civil Construction sector and professional training stands out to highlight the importance of acquiring skills in energy efficiency, circular economy and digitization and further streamlined their interventions, with questions open to the public.

The Event took place in a very positive, very active way, with large interventions from the public, who stressed that the Sector has to become more attractive in order to attract professionals in the most diverse areas of Specialty.