Endorsement Event of the Construction Blueprint project in Poland


Endorsement Event of the Construction Blueprint project in Poland took place on January 18, 2023 at the Faculty of Land Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. The meeting was organized by the Budowlani trade union (project partner) in cooperation with the Sector council of competence in construction. The meeting was attended by 40 participants representing construction companies, companies producing building materials, housing cooperatives, trade union organizations, technical universities, organizations of construction engineers and the Council of Competence.

The introduction to the meeting was the presentations:

  • Jakub Kus, Vice President of the Building Trade Union: Construction BluePrint project, tasks, goals, methodology and results.
  • Zbigniew Janowski, animator of the Sector Council for Competence in Construction: Project Construction BluePrint in the activities of the Sector Council for Competence in Construction. The Council as a skills observatory in the sector in Poland.
  • dr Ireneusz Woźniak, Institute of Sustainable Technologies Radom, Council member: Demand for competences and skills in the area of energy efficiency, digitization, economy in the Polish construction sector.

After the introduction, a discussion was held with the participation of representatives of construction companies and housing companies, organizations of construction engineers, trade union representatives and members of the competence council. The discussion was aimed at identifying the needs in the field of skills in three defined areas. The discussion focused on accessible to various paths and forms of vocational training.

The second part of the discussion was focused on the needs in terms of changes in the curriculum in construction professions, referring to the results of the work of the Construction Blueprint project and the work of the Council for Competence. The needs of creating new market qualifications in the Polish integrated qualification system were also discussed.

The third part of the discussion was focused on the possibilities of using the results of the Construction Blueprint project in the work of the Competence Council. It was emphasized that the project and its activity were presented on each of the 10 regional seminars of the Competence Council. The Construction Blueprint project is also a reference project for the new Build Up Skills project in Poland.