Mobility tools

The Erasmus+ App is to the best way to be guided through your mobility journey and find all the relevant information and services to make your exchange more enriching and smooth.

If you want to experience the Erasmus + (learn more here), use the Erasmus + app!

Browse through the public feed full of tips and stories from your peers as well as events and deals offered by student organizations!

You can either access Erasmus+ App through the web-based application or download the mobile application from on the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the Apple Store (for iOS devices).

SALTO-YOUTH stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities for Youth. It works within the Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps programmes.

It is one of the most popular and easy to use online platforms about Erasmus+, for young people and organizations to get linked with others and learn for Erasmus + Projects.

Use SALTO to find mobility activities that match your interests!

In SALTO you can find a variety of activities available for you.

  • Study Visits
  • Partnership-building Activities
  • Seminars
  • Training Courses
  • E-learnings
  • Conferences – Symposiums – Fora

Click here and filter your preferences.

EPALE is a European, multilingual, open community of adult education professionals, including adult educators and trainers, guidance and support staff, researchers and academics and policy makers.

A Construction Company interested to organize joint trainings and motilities for its employees can use the application to connect with professionals around Europe!

As a registered member of EPALE you can discuss ideas and share information with other people in your country or in Europe working in your field.

The mobile app is the perfect tool for finding partners or sharing experiences and ideas related to adult education projects. You can also share events, resources, blog posts and articles (including policy documents and related material produced by projects) with others across Europe.

You can either access EPALE through the mobile application from on the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the Apple Store (for iOS devices).