Covid Recovery Fund: €320Bn requested for construction

The European Alliance Against Coronavirus (EAAC) is a new network emerged since the beginning of the Covid-19 to find solutions and share experiences in Europe, created by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

In a joint declaration, FIEC, Construction Products Europe and EBC has addressed a request to Commissioner Breton asking for at least €320Bn to be earmarked for construction in the forthcoming Covid Recovery Fund.

This amount aims not only at compensating the losses in private and public spending in order to bring them back to pre-crisis levels, but also at triggering the multiplier effect that construction is having on the whole economy, by:

  • Creating added value jobs and positively contributing to the recovery of local economies.
  • Delivering the growth strategy of the European Green Deal and transforming the EU into a carbon neutral continent through, amongst other things, a Sustainable Built Environment.
  • Renovating the EU building stock and ensuring a better quality of living for people as citizens by increasing comfort, better air/indoor environment quality, energy efficiency, affordable and accessible housing, easy mobility and connectivity.
  • Improving competitiveness, mobility across Europe and the safety of EU citizens through the maintenance of existing infrastructures and the construction of new infrastructures.

The jont declaration is available at the following link: