Finnish experts address the challenges of the sector


The expert group assembled in connection with the Construction Blueprint project met on February 1st, 2023. The achievements of the project were reviewed and discussed. Interest was aroused by a survey related to multidisciplinary expertise, which was carried out during June and July 2022. There were 11 experts invited to the place, due to TEAM login problems, seven experts from the construction industry participated in the meeting.

From an educational point of view, the group considered the research results to be useful and a direct connection to everyday life and future challenges in the construction industry. The social impact would be that younger employees transfer the knowledge gained from the applications to older generations. In return, they get hands-on skills from older employees – a win-win situation. With BIM expertise, the need to call the manager decreases, when the employee can use BIM himself and check the problem or the plan. The financial impact comes from cost savings. BIM also offers planning tools, so there is less waste of material.

The level and scope of the supplementary curriculum was also discussed. The material is well prepared and partially corresponds to the EQF4 level of domestic vocational training, and a large part of the material goes directly to EQF5 and EQF6 levels, some even to EQF7 levels. This is partly due to the fact that in the other countries of the project, the Vocational School can be five years long, and thus postgraduate studies are partly completed already in the vocational school.